Gold Teak Holding Pte Ltd

Welcome to Gold Teak Holding

Gold Teak Holding Pte Ltd based in Singapore since 1999 manufacture and trade Myanmar Teak lumbers and molded products for all uses as ,  Furniture Companies , Flooring Industry , Joinery and Marine Industry with Burma teak products ,  covering a relevant position on the Teak market and Teak export from Asia Pacific .

At Gold Teak Holding we keep under control our supply chain, starting from the auction’s logs yards till our stocks in bonded warehouses located in several countries , both in Europe & Asia , thus, handling the whole process, we regularly supply the ‘finest’ teak products available in the market. Our concept of  virtual warehouses combined at our strict quality grading is also our main key strength , and  it consist on the availability of high quality material kept on stock  accessible at every client inspection and needs , conveniently located in Europe.